• Great resources: We work, as a 1st party servicer, with many credit grantors and regularly large volumes of accounts receivable.
  • Quality control: We take pride in robust due diligence efforts, including the latest technology, analytics and compliance.
  • Flexible and responsive: Our team is highly skilled and experienced and has the ability to make nimble decisions with the necessary financial resources to close transactions promptly.

Most other 1st party client-run call centers come ill-equipped and ill-prepared to be able to handle the sheer size of the varying call types that their operators may be required to field.

By utilizing some of the most cutting edge and advanced technology that is available to us within our industry, we are able to maintain a faster metabolism in our company and can offer an ironclad and guaranteed accounts receivable recovery process for creditors, consumers and commercial accounts.

We understand that income, and income on a steady basis, is absolutely vital for your company. By utilizing the services that Collins Asset Group, LLC provides, we can guarantee a steady level of generated income to buoy your company.

Collins offers strategic accounts receivable services to turn non-performing accounts receivable into cash. Whether you’re a large originator or a boutique lender, we have the right solution for you.

Collins is a trusted resource for accounts receivable of all types, and we have extensive experience with 1st party accounts receivable for national, regional and state originators.